Call for fieldtrip TAMK with Fontys Educational Designers

CALL for field trip TAMK university

In April 2017, we (Fontys Educational Designers) will make a field trip to TAMK university. We are looking for people who would like to join us. In this news item, you can read what to expect. Please let us know if you are interested!

How it started

During the Fontys Partnerday 2016 in Liverpool Fontys Educational Designers (FED) came into contact with TAMK university. We got inspired by their educational vision. Autonomy and self-ownership has an important role within their educational programmes, just as creativity and adaptability. These are important 21st Century Skills that we would like to develop among our students as well. As educational designers, we were curious about their didactical approach. The first seed for collaboration was planted… Our first step is to bring TAMK university a visit. Our goal is to exchange knowledge and experiences, and just as significative, to actually design education together.


During the whole process of education, it is important that teachers and students will cross boundaries and think and work with anyone who is interested. Therefore, FED cooperates with different kinds of partners, teachers, managers, but also employees from the industry and governmental organisations. After all, students will be working in these environments after their graduation.

By doing all these activities FED is working on a community of educational designers, which makes it possible to easily scale up this way of working. The more impact FED can create, the better. In this community people can share experiences, inspire each other and carry out in-depth research. That is why we would like to connect with TAMK university, so that we can learn from each others approaches, exchange experiences, and strengthen our collaboration. Let’s expand our community!

How and what

We will make a three day field trip to TAMK university with a small delegation of teachers / educational designers. Every day there is a central theme:

  • Day 1: Design education together.
    We will exchange our design methods with our colleagues from TAMK university by giving them the experience of a FED design session. We expect you to actively contribute to the preparation and execution of the design session.
  • Day 2: Embrace Technology, Entrepreneurship and Creativity (
    We will explore a collaboration with TAMK university by meeting with colleagues from their technological department to see how they build in creativity in their education, and how they collaborate with the industry. We will work on a redesign of (a part of) an educational program. We expect you to actively contribute to the preparation and execution of the design session.
  • Day 3: Modern educational programmes
    We will visit some modern educational programs (e.g. primary and secondary schools, or university) with new didactical approaches. And we will visit an, for example, interesting technological (start-up) company that TAMK collaborates with.


The three day trip will take place on Monday 3rd of April, Tuesday 4th of April and Wednesday 5th of April. Possible flights are leaving on Sunday 2nd of April, and return on Thursday 6th of April. Please make arrangements for the flight yourself.


Please make sure you arrange your own funding. For example, you could use your personal budget for this field trip (estimation: €500-€700).

Join us!

If you’re a professional, working in education, you’ll find new challenges almost every day. With all upcoming technologies and the globalisation of the world, students and professionals are looking for new ways of learning. While being on these learning adventures, FED wants to start a movement to accelerate and stimulate these new ways of learning. If you would like to have an impact on the development of education too, and work on this together, feel free to subscribe for this field trip to TAMK university. We only ask you to share your motivation with us.

Send an email to Peter Biekens:
Fontys Educational Designers
Fontys University of applied sciences
Rachelsmolen 1
5612 MA Eindhoven
The Netherlands

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