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Design your Impact Tool

Why designing an impact tool?

Embrace TEC is about finding new and original solutions for global challenges by using technology. You actually want to have added value for our society, and design things that make this world a better place. The Future Solution is the final stage of the minor Embrace TEC, in which you will have the opportunity to make a difference. But how do you know you actually make a difference with your future solution? Therefore, you will design an impact tool that helps you measuring the impact your future solution has on your target group.

The more impact your future solution will have, the better! That is why you will test (at least) two prototypes of your solution with your target group. The feedback you will collect while testing your prototypes is of utmost importance:

  1. You will be able to improve the functionality of your prototype, AND
  2. You will be able to increase the impact of your solution on the target group / community.

In the end, we cannot decide for you what the impact can or should be. Only the end-user of your future solution can.

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