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Step 1: empathize impact

What are you talking about when you say you want to have impact? Maybe you already have a clear view on how that looks like, and maybe you don’t have a clue yet. In any case, it is important not to jump into conclusions yet, but to explore first what having impact actually is all about.

First, let yourself be inspired by individually doing some research on the internet. Transfer what you have found on the internet in a mood board.

Second, you will interview each other about what having impact means to you to get a broader perspective. The following questions should be addressed at least:

  1. What does “having impact” mean to you?
  2. Why is having impact important?
  3. What should an impact tool do, or help you with? Try to be as specific as possible
  4. What kind of impact would you like to achieve?
  5. Prepare further interview questions using the questions ladder.
  6. Start interviewing each other.

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