Wrap up: multi expedition Finland (TAMK)

As Fontys Educational Designers our core values are: sharing, deepening and connecting we want to give you this wrap up of our 3 day visit to Finland. Below you can see and read different kind of vlogs and blogs.

0. Before we took of we as a multidisciplinary group made a Checkin vlog with our expectations:

  1. You can see here the overview of all the things we did and saw

2.  In this blog you can read what we all did and what the outcomes are.

Field trip TAMK University | Tampere, Finland | 2-6 April 2017

Expeditie Finland: TAMK University

3. In this vlog you can see all the personal outcomes of Fontys and Summa visitors

4. In this blog Jochem wrote down his own experience of the expedition

What I learned from the Finnish



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